Groove Options


Available on request

Available with skins 4mm and thicker. Diagram represents 4mm thick door skins with standard 1.5.. deep square groove.
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Vision Panel Options

Can be manufactured with flush, grooved or pressed panel finish and are available in moisture resistant (MR) particle board solid core. 
Standard beading options, either internal or external.
Options shown are standard designs (Custom designs available)
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Core Options

Rib Core

Polystryene RibCore provides a cost effective method of increasing the strength of hollow core doors.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Solid Core

As an alternative to standard heavy solid particle board core door and further enhances thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as providing even greater impact resistance. 

Moisture Resistant (MR) Particle Board Solid Core

For those who require a door with maximum impact resistance, the MR Particle Board solid core option offers more moisture resistance and is the ultimate core option for strength, durability and is the best core option for acoustic insulation.

Steel Insert Doors

We have raised the bar of benefits by making the Superior Door even more superior with the introduction of doors containing steel inserts.

Steel insert doors are particularly suitable for use in areas where the ambient temperatures or conditions vary on each side of the door.

Classic examples would be where the interior doors are used in an ensuite bathroom where there will be moist conditions on one side and dry conditions on the other side or another example could be the internal doors between the garage and the house where one face of the door is in a cooler area than the other face which is in a warmer area. Each side of the internal door sustains different environmental conditions.
  • Rib Core
  • (MR) Particle Board
  • EPS
  • Steel 1
  • Steel 2
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